Rays of Light in the Darkness Dinner

EMET’s Mission

EMET is the first unabashedly pro-Israel and pro-American think tank and policy shop on Capitol Hill. We are the only establishment in Washington that gets out the proud narrative of Israel’s 62 year old struggle to survive amidst amazing challenges and its enormous contributions to humanity as a whole. And we get that out directly in front of our nation’s policymakers, where it counts. We emphasize Israel’s   unique role  as being the eastern outpost of Western democratic values, holding down the fort against a rising tide  of radical Islam, and the enormous  strategic benefit it brings to the United States, contributing substantial intelligence and hard-earned  tactical advice in the war on terrorism. We believe that Israel serves as the “canary in the coalmine”, and that in the eyes of the radical Islamist, each piece of land ceded simply whets their appetite for more in his quest for  Islamic hegemony. We believe that what confronts Israel today, will confront the rest of Western civilization tomorrow.

 We get out our message by holding seminars on Capitol Hill, directly in front of our nation’s policymakers, where it makes the most impact. We write and publish in newspapers and magazines, speak publicly and on the radio, and  are constantly  being used as a resource to members of congress and their staffers. We  have been called the “Go To People on Capitol Hill” by some congressional staffers about current issues with a knowledge and perspective that they are not likely to  get through the media or other think tanks or policy shops in Washington. 

EMET accepts no public funds. We apply for grants and fellowships and depend on donor contributions to survive.

Even if you are unable to attend the dinner, please consider making a donation to the vital work of Emet via the Sponsorship page.


EMET Advisory Board


Sarah Stern - President

Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick*
Ambassador Yossie Ben Aharon
Ambassador Yoram Ettinger
Ambassador Lenny Ben-David
James Woolsey
Frank Gaffney
Daniel Pipes
Caroline Glick
Gal Luft
Meyrav Wurmser
Rachel Ehrenfeld
Ariel Cohen

Dr. Emmanuel Navon
Dr. Amichai Magen
Martin Sherman
Walid Shoebat
Kenneth Timmerman
Larry Greenfield
Seth and Sherri Mandel
Ilka Schroeder
Bennett Zimmerman
Jim Hutchens
David Dalin
Don Gatswirth


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