Rays of Light in the Darkness Dinner

Speaker of the Truth Award Recipients

We can not win the war against Islamic fundamentalism on the battlefield alone, nor can we do it by imposing our values on them, from the outside.Western civilization, as we know it, will only survive through the encouragement of the few courageous Arabic and Islamic voices, such as these, who want change within their own communities. We need to leave the world a safer place. By giving these heroic individuals the recognition they so richly deserve, we will be encouraging more open-minded Muslims, who we firmly believe are out there, to see the insanity of the Jihadist world view, and to link hands with the reformers. It is the one most important thing we can do for our children.

Sarah Stern, Emet Founder & President


Mosab Hassan Yousef

The Honorable
Sam Brownback (R-KS)

The Honorable
Brad Sherman (D-CA)

The Honorable
Doug Lamborn (R-CO)

Amil Imani

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